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Short Story: The Alpha's Family Moment

With the release of The Alpha's Million Dollar Omega, I have a cute little story for you! I hope you enjoy this family moment between Brodie, Porter, Law, Trent and their kids!

“I got you!” I pressed my fingers lightly into Braden’s stomach, watching our little boy squirm. His lips twitched, like he was trying to smile. “Yes, I do. I got you!”

“Are you ready to go?” Brodie sidled up beside me, the baby bag already hanging off his shoulder. He looked handsome today in a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt that clung to him in all the right places. Glancing into the baby carrier, he raised his brows. “What’s Papa doing to you, huh?”

I rolled my eyes and grinned. Picking up the carrier by its handle, I nodded my head. We walked out of the house and toward the car. It’d been a month since Braden was born and everything ran smoothly. Papa and I were working hard on our small motel, and even though he insisted I take time off, I didn’t feel like I needed it. Braden came with me to work, and Papa didn’t mind one bit. If anything, he paid more attention to his grandson than to the actual work.

Brodie helped me get Braden belted up and once we triple checked to make sure he was secure, we took our own seats in the front. The drive to Law and Trent’s house wasn’t far, but it was a peaceful because we lived in a quiet area filled with small families who actually enjoyed their lives. It felt so different here than it had on the hill. The first time I received a wave from a stranger, I nearly tripped over my own feet, but then, that wasn’t unusual for me.

Brodie touched my hand and glanced over, taking his eyes briefly off the road to smile at me. “Hey, baby.”

I grinned back, my heart squeezing tightly in my chest. I loved this man. There were no words in the English vocabulary for how I felt about him. All those other men I thought I loved? I realized how wrong I’d been since I found Brodie.


“You ready for Braden’s first big playdate?” Brodie teased.

I might have been a bit overprotective in the first month. Okay, a lot, but I couldn’t help it. Braden was our baby boy, and I didn’t want anything to happen to him. “Of course. He deserves playdates with his cousins.”

Cousins. My family had never been close. I didn’t have cousins, but I’m glad my son did, even if it was a little weird that my ex-boyfriend was my son’s uncle. Crazy weird. But then, if anyone had asked me a few years back if I thought Lawson would ever be a young dad living back in Cherry Hollow, I would have laughed until everyone thought I was unhinged.

Brodie carefully pulled the car into Law and Trent’s driveway and switched it off. While he grabbed all of Braden’s gear, I unbuckled our baby. By the time Brodie had brought his carrier, Braden was whimpering.

“He’s hungry,” I said.

“I’ll feed him when we get inside.”

The front door opened just as we reached it, and Trent appeared in the doorway, Rose in his arms. She was dressed in a pretty blue dress with flowers on it, and had her blond hair raised in two piggy tails. She looked more like her papa with each day that passed.

Trent grinned at us, the bags under his eyes ever present since he had the twins. It was difficult enough with one, I couldn’t imagine two babies, especially now that they were a year old and going through a tough time with teething. He had on a pair of loose pants on and a plain white T-shirt, yellow stains marring the front. I imagined it was either baby food or poo. I’d learned all about that sort of thing over the last month, and cute as babies could be, life with them wasn’t always pretty.

“You’re here. I didn’t think you’d show.” Trent peered at me carefully, and I ducked my head.

“Leave him alone.” Brodie stepped in front of me, as though I needed him to protect me from his little brother.

I laughed and sidled around Brodie, slipping into the house. Law sat on the ground in the family room, Conner in a makeshift playpen, surrounded by toys. Law looked a lot better than Trent did, with the exhaustion not as obvious and no stains on his neatly pressed shirt.

“Look who finally showed up,” Law teased as he stood. He reached me and peeked into the carrier. “My favorite nephew.”

I snorted but smiled. “Your only nephew, until the triplets start having children.”

“Shut your mouth. They’re too young. My little brothers will never have kids. They will stay pure and innocent.” His lips twisted.

I laughed even harder than before. “Like Conner and Rose?”

“Exactly. My children will stay celibate for their entire life,” Law grumbled. I don’t think he realized how much he sounded like Gertie, but Trent was snickering, and he shared a look with me.

“If they’re anything like you, good luck with that,” Trent said as he entered the room. Rose crawled behind him, heading straight for her dad. Since she’d started crawling, she’d lost some of her baby chubbiness.

“Shush. The children can hear you.” Law grinned wickedly and tugged Trent closer when he reached him. He kissed Trent on the lips.

I rolled my eyes and lowered Braden’s carrier. “Pretty sure you’ve already traumatized them.” I crouched just as Rose reached Braden and peered inside. She gurgled and said something that sounded a lot like a word. “That’s your little cousin.”

She squealed and touched Braden’s nose.

“You’re going to grow up to be best friends.” I petted Rose on the head, pushing back her gold bangs.

“What if they hate each other?” Law said.

Trent, Brodie and I glared at him.

“You need to learn when to shut it,” Trent grumbled, wriggling out of Law’s arms.

“What? I’m just saying. It could happen.” Law shrugged.

“If they grow up like Trent and I, then it won’t happen.” Brodie set the baby gear down and came closer to us. He crouched on the other side of Rose. “Hey, sweetie.”

Rose squealed again and held out her arms. Brodie pulled her into his, and they hugged.

“How’s my favorite little girl?”

“Naughty. She doesn’t want to sleep.” Trent sighed and fell onto the couch. He let his head fall back. “She’s up all night crying. She doesn’t stop until Law has her in his arms. She’s definitely going to be a daddy’s girl. And if we put her in the bed she sleeps like a ninja. That girl can throw a kick to the head, let me tell you.”

“You’re just jealous that I’m the one she wants.” Law collapsed beside Trent, and Trent leaned into him. The adorableness made me all melty inside. I never thought I’d see the day that Law was so smitten with someone.

So jealous.” Trent rolled his eyes.

“Maybe you should have another one then,” I teased. It earned me two glares.

“Hell no. Two are enough,” Trent said.

“Do you not see these bags?” Law pointed at his eyes. “I look like I’m forty.”

I snorted and turned to look at Brodie. He’d sat on his ass in front of Rose and together they had crayons and were drawing on a blank piece of paper, or at least Rose was trying to. She could barely hold on to it. Brodie and I had already talked about another child right after Braden was born, and we’d both been excited about the idea. Not yet, but it was definitely there, ready for the right time.

Law rose from the couch and lifted Conner out of the playpen. He passed him to me, and I happily took him. Unlike his sister, Conner was quieter, calm. He sat in my lap as if he didn’t have a care in the world, but I had a feeling that had to do with him being an omega. Most omega babies were that way, or so went the myth. I was pretty sure all babies were a handful in their own way.

“Did you ever expect us to be like this, Porter?” Law asked.

I looked at him and something passed between us, an understanding. We might have been exes, but we’d found the love of our lives in the Miller brothers. We had children and a family with them now.

“No.” I smiled and shifted closer to Brodie and Rose. Braden made a sweet little noise from his carrier, and Law shuffled over to start getting him out. “But I’m glad we are.”

“Me too.” Law’s lips curved, and he tapped a finger to Braden’s chubby little cheek looking a lot more like he might want another baby than he might like to admit.

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