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Scott and Luke's first meeting

Scott and Luke's First Meeting

It was four in the goddamn afternoon and cold as fuck. How was that even possible? I had no idea, but I hated this weather. One thing I could honestly say was that I missed the Australian heat. Even in winter, the temps barely went below 10 degrees Celsius, which was roughly about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but who the hell knew how to do that kind of math anyway? That’s what a conversion website was for.

The hallways of the dorms were still not warm enough, and I muttered the entire way to my room, shoving my hands into my jacket.

I didn’t get far.

A lady, man, and one of the dorm coordinators stood in front of my door, in the middle of what looked to be an argument. The woman had her hands on her hips, her face pinched in an anger that probably scared the hell out of the coordinator, whom she aimed it at. She was short, but didn’t look the kind of person anyone would want to mess with, either.

The man standing next to her didn’t seem fazed by it. If anything, he looked bored. It was him who my gaze narrowed on because he was gorgeous. He had gentle waves of blond hair, deep brown eyes the color of the dark coffee I loved on a cold morning like this, and a soft face that made my stomach tighten.

I took guys to my bed at least twice a week, but this man didn’t seem like the type anyone coaxed to their bed for a tumble and some fun. He looked more like someone you kept.

As I got closer, I heard the woman snap, “He’s an omega.”

“I understand that, ma’am. But there has been a mistake on Scott’s dorm application form. We were advised that he was an alpha.” The coordinator tugged at the collar of his shirt and swallowed. His face was about ten shades paler than what it usually was.

“Then fix it.” Her jaw tensed and she shoved her glasses up her nose. I expected her to stamp her foot, but it never happened. “I won’t have my omega son room with an alpha.”

“Mom, it’s fine.” The man standing beside her rolled his eyes and I took a moment to appreciate his lean body. I wonder how long it’d be before I could get those long legs of his wrapped around me. I wouldn’t mind having this sexy piece of omega in my bed. “I’m not going to be distracted by him.”

“It’s not you I’m worried about, Scott.” She didn’t even offer him a glance because she was too busy glaring at the coordinator in front of her. “Alphas can’t control themselves.”

Okay, that wasn’t fair. I stepped closer. “Hey, I object to that. We’re humans, not animals with no self-control.”

Her narrowed eyes spun to me, and I felt like an insect being dissected by her gaze. If I’d been a weaker man, I might have faltered under it. Instead, I stood tall and folded my arms over my wide chest.

The man—Scott, she’d called him—smirked at me, like he knew exactly what kind of shit I just stepped in.

I continued, hoping to douse some of the fire that burned through her. “I have some self-control. I’m not just going to jump him.”

“That as it may be, no one, omega or alpha alike, will be able to control themselves during heat.” She stepped forward and though she barely reached my shoulders, I felt small compared to her. “I’m a doctor, kid. I know what I’m talking about.”

I’m not a kid. I almost said it, but then I realized how childish it actually sounded. “Well, doctors aren’t always right.”

Scott’s eyes widened, and he made a slicing motion across his neck, a stop what you’re doing right now action that nearly made me whimper.

The woman’s eyes lit up again, mad as the snake I accidently stepped on once back in Australia, and she got right into my face. I actually waited for the fists to come out. She poked me in the chest hard enough for it to hurt. “You watch your tongue. I won’t have you talking with that kind of attitude around Scott.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am.” Jeeze. I could already imagine getting lectured by my own mum about manners.

She huffed and spun back to the coordinator, who for a short time, looked happy that she’d forgotten about him. But now that her attention was back, he almost cowered. He brushed his dyed-black hair out of his face, his bottom lip ring glinting under the lights of the hallway. Definitely not a guy I expected to be cowering from a woman her size. I understand, mate.

“Move my son now.”

“The omega dorms are full, Mrs. Tanner.”

Doctor Tanner.”

“Doctor. I’m so sorry, there’s nothing we can do.”

“Don’t lie to me. This is absurd!”

Scott rolled his eyes and glanced at me, gesturing at the door. I understood him immediately and strode close enough to smell a sweet scent that made my stomach clench. Better my stomach than my cock at that point. Getting a stiffy in front of the doctor was not a smart move.

I unlocked the room and Scott threw a “bye, Mom,” over his shoulder before he dragged me inside, shutting it again. Then he spun on me, mischievousness radiating from him in the way his stare slid over my body.

"I'm Luke," I said, as a way of introduction.

“So, Luke… what fun things can we do in a dorm like this?”

The voices outside faded, as though his mum and the coordinator were walking away from us, and a hot shiver of pleasure shot through me as I took in the long, lean body in front of me.

Fuck. I was in trouble.

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