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First Time for Everything

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

First Time for Everything

King’s Loved Omega Continuation

©Ki Brightly and Meg Bawden 2019

Abraham “King” Kingston

Sunlight streamed in through the large windows, warming the room. The new carpet we’d gotten a few months ago was a rich purple color that Quinn had picked out and declared perfect for inspiring artistic tendencies in the children—as well as hide stains. The man himself—my sweet Quinn—paced the living room. He wasn’t happy, at all. H.J., Reece, and little Kyler were all off at his mother Sheryl’s house. Quinn’s cousins Bristol and Emily had banded together with her to help and make Quinn more comfortable about leaving the kids. Sheryl was absolutely delighted to have the children—had told us over and over that was the case—but still, here was Quinn, glaring at the door every now and again as he made a slow circle around the living room. I slouched onto the couch, waiting for him to wind down, but it didn’t seem like it was going to happen any time soon.

“They’re fine.”

He sighed and ran his hands through his long, glossy hair, pushing it back from his shoulders. He stomped by near me, and I took a deep breath. He smelled so good. The whole house smelled like a springtime explosion, even though it was late fall. I’d always thought he smelled like French lilacs near his heat, but now that he was in it, there was so much more to that smell. My dick was a tent pole in my pants, and my stomach felt oozy and warm, like someone had sat chocolate in a window and everything in me was starting to heat up and melt. I loved this. I’d never felt quite this turned on before, or so ready to grab him and fuck. My blood practically boiled with the need to come.

Add to that the fact that Quinn was my partner and the father of my children—hell, my best friend, too—and all I wanted to do was hide him away for the next few days and please him. The urge to fuck was strong, but also good because it was familiar and comfortable in certain ways. But Quinn didn’t seem like he felt the same way. Slowly, some of my good mood bled away.

“Are you upset about spending your heat with me?” I finally asked. The words hung between us and he stopped his trek around the room to give me huge eyes. He was still the prettiest man I’d ever seen in real life, with lips that always seemed like they needed kissing, and blue eyes dotted with rich golden brown specks that were so unique and beautiful I felt like I could stare at them and always find something new.

“What do you mean?” He sounded scared, and that struck me wrong. I sat up straighter.

“We’ve been together for a while now, but… you’ve never shared a heat with me. You said you were over the way you were feeling guilty about Hunter, and that you wanted to. Was that… not true?” I hoped like hell he wasn’t feeling bad again. Now that I was here, with him smelling that way, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make myself walk away if he asked.

This was actually Quinn’s second full heat after having Kyler. Two days before the first one hit, he’d had a small breakdown and cried and begged me to take the kids to my parents’ house. I’d been sliced to the core with hurt, at first. We hadn’t had a problem directly related to his past—more specifically to Hunter, his dead husband—in a very long time, but I guessed there was no shelf limit on grief. He’d smelled so good then, just like he did now, but that happened earlier in his heat. I’d forced myself to do what he asked. Gave him space.

Let him do things at his own pace.

It had killed me to leave. I’ve never had a more terrible time with my family. They were fun and happy and themselves, and all I could think about was how I’d left my omega along when he needed me most. I’d stressed and worried, irrationally I knew, that some other alpha might take him from me. I knew he’d asked me to go, but there was no rationalizing with that part of myself that insisted I should have been here to protect him… to breed him.

The pain of it still scratched around inside my chest.

“No, I didn’t lie” he whispered, bringing me back into our conversation, but tears slid down his cheeks. “I wanted you last time, too.”

“Then why didn’t I spend that heat with you?” I shifted uncomfortably on the couch, uncomfortably hard in my pants, and he shrugged miserably.

“It’s going to change things between us.”

I laughed, and he scowled at me.

“How do you figure? We have kids together. We live together.”

He grunted and stalked across the room toward me. The swell of his potent perfume came with him and my head clouded with it. His long, lean body was all I could think about. I knew we’d been talking about something important, and if I strained I could remember the basics of the conversation, but none of that really seemed to matter when he came over and straddled me. His strong legs went on either side of my hips, and he clutched my shoulders to steady himself. Grinning, I rested my hands on the small curve of his waist, barely there but perfect for me to rest my hands on. He was a dizzying mix of masculine and soft—hard chest, lush lips, soft long hair, strong muscled thighs and flat stomach. My dick got so hard it felt like it might pop free of my jeans.

“You get a taste of me in heat, and you won’t be satisfied with anything else,” he grumbled.

I laughed, a genuine, heartfelt joy bursting through me.

“Do you really think so?”


“I don’t care. I don’t want anyone else. Nothing can stop me from thinking you’re sexy in the shower the rest of the month, too, I swear.”

I knew that concern wasn’t everything bothering him. There was stress and something else lingering around the set of his mouth. What was responsible for the tightness around his eyes?

“Are you worried about baby Kyler?”

“Of course.”

“Worried about H.J., too?”



He frowned and rolled his eyes. “I shouldn’t worry about Reece. It’s everyone else who should worry about him.” He was still biting when he was mad. Turned out, it wasn’t something he grew out of quite the way we had hoped. We laughed together and he went a little softer—rested a little easier—in my grasp.

“Quinn. Please. Tell me what’s bothering you.”

He eased his ass down against my crotch to crush himself against my dick. My stomach flipped with the perfect pressure and pleasure that streaked through my body. I shifted forward so that he could wrap his legs around me and sat there, running my hands up and down his back, holding him.

Quinn ducked his head and his throat worked.

“Hunter and I started with the heat madness and became friends later. You and I started as friends and never had the insanity of heat. I’m worried something might turn different in a bad way. I’m feeling guilty, a little, even though I know it’s dumb. I’m just… I like what we have, Abe. I love you. I love you so much. I don’t want you to maybe… I don’t know, get a taste for omegas in heat and decide to go find another one to see if we’re all the same.”

My eyebrows flew up and I had no control of the way my mouth dropped open for a few seconds. “Do you really think I would do that?”

“No, but I’m scared. I’ve been worried for so long about what my heat might mean to us.” He glanced up at me from under his eyelashes, and I held him close.

“That sounds like the thoughts I sometimes have when… I mean, sometimes I get ideas in my head that I know aren’t there because I want them there. They’re… uh… alpha thoughts. Sometimes I want to lock you in the house and keep you here all for myself. I know that’s dumb, and I wouldn’t, so don’t look at me like that, but… like the possessive ideas zing through there for a second.” I tapped a finger to my temple.

He shifted his weight on my lap and stole my breath.

“You think?”

“Yeah. I mean… maybe us being together this long without sharing a heat has you a little… paranoid? Like you’re worried I’ll run off, somewhere deep down.”

He slouched forward and rested his forehead against my shoulder. Low chuckles bubbled up from him, and he shivered against me. “Oh my god. You may be right. It’s been so long since I had to really think about that part of myself… when I was younger I was more aware of it, before….”

“Before Hunter.”

He nodded, head still resting against my shoulder.

“I’m all yours. I’m your alpha, your baby daddy.”

He laughed at that and finally sat up a little. “I’m sorry I made you leave last time. I was so… I wanted you. Don’t think I didn’t.”

With his ass perched on my lap, his smell around me, I nodded dumbly. The thread of our conversation unraveled in my mind when he stopped seeming like he was upset, and all at once I was shockingly aware of the pretty, ripe smelling omega on my lap. I leaned forward toward his beautiful, pink lips.

“What are you doing?” Those lips curved into a wicked smirk. Quinn’s lips. My pretty omega.


He laughed, and the low, sweet sound stole my breath.

He shifted forward until his hair brushed my face and his lips were on my ear. “Do you want to fuck me alpha?”

I gasped and ground up against his ass. “Quinn, you’re gonna murder me dead talking like that.”

He snickered and licked at my earlobe. The light, hot touch exploded through me, a million times more potent than it normally would have been. My dick throbbed, and I swore I could feel that spot where my knot normally popped firm up a little bit.

Shaking my head, I dragged in deep breaths, but that didn’t help. I leaned back until I could catch Quinn’s gaze. “I love you. I won’t lie. You smell fucking fantastic, and I want to put you on all fours and fuck you till I knot, right now. Hell, I want to knot you five minutes ago, but I love you. I love those babies you made for me,” I rubbed a hand over his flat stomach and a primal, prideful swell of emotion clogged my throat for a second. “I love H.J. just like he was my own. I love that you’ve got the nerve to tell me to fuck right off, even during your heat, so that you can make sure your head is on right for us to be together. I want you because of those things, not in spite of them.”

He caressed my cheek with his left hand, and the gold that always winked there on his middle finger was warm against my skin. I turned my head to kiss it. I’d made my peace with his ghosts. Hunter had loved Quinn as much as I did, loved him enough to build a life with him and put a baby in his belly, and lately I’d come to respect that more than be jealous of it. Quinn’s eyes widened and tears shone in his eyes, but didn’t spill.

He opened his mouth, but no words came out. Instead, he crushed our mouths together. His tongue battled with mine, almost painfully. I cinched my arms tight around his waist and dragged him closer against my chest. I had never felt this out of control with someone. We kissed for who knows how long and dry fucked, frantically and desperately rubbing against each other, and we never made it upstairs, either.

My pants came off right there, and so did his. We didn’t even bother to strip off our shirts.

“Heats really make a man ready for it,” I said with a laugh as he shoved me back onto the couch and lined himself up with my red, straining erection.

“It’s you,” he huffed out with a laugh. “Not my heat. Want to fuck you all the time.” His eyes had a glazed look, but he sighed out a long breath as he slid the insanely hot, tight heat of his body onto mine. He was so slick. It had never been like this. I slid into his body far easier than should have been possible. I gasped with it, and the crazy visual of watching my huge dick disappear into his body, coupled with that mind blowing heat, almost made me come right then.

“Oh my god.”

He laughed. Sweat trickled down his temples and plastered strands of hair do the side of his face.

“You’re fire inside.” He was exquisite. He felt just different enough from usual that I noticed it, and my stomach muscles tensed as I tried to keep myself from coming way too fast. “Oh fuck.”

He settled his weight onto me and leaned in for a kiss. I couldn’t hold still, and rocked up, moving his body with my own. He groaned, and we began a slow battle of bodies. He didn’t help a lot, let me muscle him around while he drove himself onto me again, and again.

We strained and kissed and sweated together, and it didn’t take long for me to pump up into him a few frantic times and come. It was wonderful, felt so good that it whited out my brain for a couple of seconds. Quinn moaned, long and low, with an enthusiasm I’d never heard before that thrilled me and made me feel like I was ten feet tall. Together, we jerked him off, my hand on him, Quinn controlling how fast I moved.

But then my knot swelled.

I cried out. It happened so much faster than usual, and the swelling was fiercer, harder. Quinn let out a noise that was close to a squeal and then sighed, long and deep in my ear. The heat and squeeze of his body was so spectacular I couldn’t keep my hips still. I rocked up against him, driving myself just the smallest bit farther into his body. He tightened his legs around me and moaned in my ear. I’d also never been so goddamned satisfied with myself when his dick shot spurts of cum all over my stomach and our shirts. He shuddered and held on to me.

“So big,” he gasped out.

I nodded. I could feel it, too. This was so much better than what normally happened. His body felt smaller to me, but I realized, somewhere in the back of my mind, that must be because I was bigger right now than I normally would be.

We sat there together for a long time, teasing one another. He’d flutter his muscles around me, squeezing them on purpose, and I’d try to ground myself deeper into his body, even though I was sure that wasn’t physically possible.

It took soooo long for my knot to go down, and when it did, my hard-on was firm and achy, and I started a slow, sweet slid in and out of his body, this time with his help. There was no recovery period. There was nothing in the world, except for my beautiful omega. He stripped his shirt up off his head and tossed it, and all I could think to do was run my hands up his chest to pluck at his nipples. They seemed like they needed to be licked, too, so I leaned forward and tasted them.

“Fuck,” Quinn hissed and arched toward me. I swore that his body got hotter around me and the already wonderful sensation of filling him became an exquisite tension that shivered on the head of my dick.

“Oh wow,” I gasped out. He pushed me back and kissed me, and then he leaned back a little to study my face.

“So, do you like my heat?” He rocked his hips, frantic, and I matched the pace.

“Fuck. Yes.”

Quinn leaned closer to laugh and hug me and groan some more, and I couldn’t believe how wonderful he smelled, or how lucky I was to be the alpha here with him, protecting him, loving him… and hell, hopefully putting another baby in his belly. I nipped at his earlobe and he gasped, tensing around me.

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