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COVER REVEAL: Grayson's Double Trouble

For those who may not follow Ki and I on social media, we'd like to let you know that from this point forward, we will be writing the Cherry Hollow books separately. This is, unfortunately, because of our time zone and schedule differences. Living on different ends of the world has taken its toll on how quickly we can write, so we decided to finish this series with solo books.

As such, I'd like to reveal the cover to one of our next books! Grayson's Double Trouble. For those who might remember, Grayson Briggs is the new mayor of Cherry Hollow. It also features Bristol, who you met in King's Loved Omega, and his twin brother. There won't be any twincest in this book, but the brothers do share the same omega ;)

So without further ado, the cover:

I'm hoping to have this released in August and Ki's new book won't be far behind (it may even be before this one)!

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